Trauma, Explained.

This FREE E-course offers a beginner’s overview of trauma, and methods to help you cope. For trauma survivors, as well as family members and service providers who experience secondary trauma.

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Have you, or a loved one, ever experienced a trauma?

The effects of trauma are devastating and often long-lasting. Have you ever wondered:

  • Why can’t I just move on?
  • Why can’t I focus, or complete tasks that used to be simple?
  • Why do I overreact with fear or anger?
  • Why does life feel like it’s out of control?

If you are experiencing this, you are not alone.

Traumatic Experiences Don't Just "Happen".

They can make lasting impressions on the body and mind. Sometimes, an individual gets stuck in a perpetual cycle of flight, fight or freeze. Other times, the individual has difficulty focusing on, or completing, routine daily tasks. Meanwhile, it is not uncommon for service professionals and people close trauma survivors to experience side effects of their own.

The good news is, the mind-body is highly adaptable. Healing is possible.


Is Trauma Effecting You or Someone You Love?

Trauma, Explained offers a beginner’s overview of trauma, and methods to help you cope. Through brief videos and activities, you’ll gain an understanding of how trauma effects the brain…and explore proven healing strategies. In this 40-minute program, you’ll explore:

What is Trauma?

What is a traumatic event? What happens if you have one?

The 3-Part Brain

A simple overview that helps you understand traumatic stress.

Healing Approaches

Treatment strategies to help make life more manageable.

What's Inside the Course?

Trauma, Explained offers an easy-to-follow overview through 6 brief videos. You'll explore:

  • What is trauma? What are the symptoms of trauma? How does trauma affect the brain, behavior, and mind-body health?
  • Secondary trauma: What is it? Who is susceptible? How do you know if you have it?
  • Developmental trauma and ACEs: What are the long-lasting effects?
  • What are some effective treatment strategies?
  • BONUS - 4 audio recordings to sooth fight-or-flight stimulation.
  • FREE phone app puts all content at your fingerips!
  • AND - All videos are close-captioned.

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Who should take Trauma, Explained?

This is an essential overview for caregivers, educators, helping- and medical professionals, law enforcement and first responders, friends- and family members of trauma survivors, and anyone who has experienced trauma. 

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