Should I Get Help?

It's OK to Get Help. You're MIGHTY!

It's Normal to Need Help.

Sometimes life delivers challenges that are so extreme, you don't know how to cope. Other times, your emotions start to feel overwhelming. You wonder: should I ask for help?

Unfortunately, even the idea of asking for help can feel overwhelming. You might be afraid of being judged, or you might feel like you're admitting something's wrong.

Remember this: asking for help is something that makes you strong.

Help Is All Around You!

Our community has many people who are available to help you. And you know what's great about that? They know EXACTLY what it's like to need help. They are really nice people who've had tough times, too.

They're not there to judge you. They know firsthand how important it is to get help...that's why they're doing what they do. 

From Jodi, a STRIDE Creative Service Provider:

"If you're wondering if you need help, that's a good sign to reach out."

Here are some ways to ask for help:

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