When it comes to work-life balance, is your scale out of sorts?

This FREE E-course is designed to help you learn how to relax, take time for yourself, and integrate healthy habits into your lifestyle.

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Do you find yourself increasingly irritable, anxious, isolated, or unfueled?

In these post-pandemic days, we're all feeling it.

It’s easy to joke about wine-o’clock, or your pre-pandemic pants size. Popular social media memes poke fun at our less-than-desirable coping skills.

Unfortunately, these jokes mask our emotional pain and suffering. Meanwhile, we continue to use coping skills that create imbalance or numb us out.

Self-care and mindfulness have become the new buzzwords, but where do you start? Do these things actually work?

Yes, they work. First, consider this:

By 2016, stress was already a cultural epidemic. It cost us over $300 Billion in lost work and medical bills.

Now, the statistics are even more staggering: mental health issues, substance use, and suicidal ideation are all on the rise. As the stress gets higher, are you adapting your ability to cope?

I Could Do Better. I'm Ready, Starting Now!

The Joy Primer offers a range of activities, strategies, and structure to help you establish a plan for self-care. 

 You’ll explore simple ways to:

Get Some ZZZs.

Sleep better.

Gain Control.

Improve your concentration and focus.

Improve Performance

Feel more effective and fulfilled.

What's Inside the Course?

The Joy Primer gives you the tools to design a custom self-care plan:

  • Seven brief tutorial videos to help you explore self-care, mindfulness, and the mind-body connection
  • 14-page Self-Care Starter Kit journal
  • 3-page Crisis/Safety Plan journal
  • Four bonus modules filled with activities to help you relax, restore, and sleep better, including:
  • 15 brief audio/video mindfulness meditations and activities to explore (over 2.5 total hours)
  • FREE phone app puts all content at your fingertips!
  • AND - All videos are close-captioned.

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Who should explore the Joy Primer?

YOU should! This program is designed to help you learn how to relax and integrate healthy habits into your lifestyle. Take this program for yourself, with a friend or family member, or start a self-care challenge at work. 

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