Am I the only one who finds it difficult to cope?

You are Resilient. You are MIGHTY!

What's Resilience?

Resilience is your ability to adapt to challenges or change. Here are some examples:

  1. Bouncing back after difficult times.
  2. Dealing with challenges and still holding your head up.
  3. Giving things a go or trying your best.
  4. Being able to identify and express your emotions.
  5. Being able to let go of the past.
  6. Standing up for yourself.

Your Resilience Zone

Have you ever wondered why some people can remain calm during challenging times, and others fall apart?

Everyone has a Resilience Zone: a limited range of tolerance for challenges, change, and stress. It's different for everyone because it's the result of inherited traits, life experiences, and mindset.

The great news is, you can actually train your brain to become more resilient! This makes it much easier to manage challenges and stress.

From Jodi, a STRIDE Creative Service Provider:

"It's not hard to TRAIN YOUR BRAIN at all! You can use fun creative activities like drawing and writing....you just have to be consistent. That's why Mighty Teens has new activities every week....to help you expand your zone of resilience."

Expand Your Resilience Zone

Mighty Teens Empowerment uses creativity and other proven wellness techniques to help you be more resilient.

Ready, Set, BE MIGHTY!

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