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Do you feel scattered or forgetful? Is it difficult to get a good night’s sleep?

Strong emotions, anxiety, frustration, poor concentration, and sleep deprivation: these are common side effects of chronic stress.

These days, most of us are experiencing at least one of these symptoms, and the problem is: we’re medicating ourselves with things that just don’t help. And joking about it….as we pour ourselves another glass of wine, eat too much, scroll social media, watch tv, or find other ways to numb out.

Sound familiar?

Chronic Stress is No Joke.

Your stress symptoms are often pre-cursors to more significant physical and mental health issues. If you find yourself trapped in a cycle of chronic stress and coping skills that just don’t help, it’s time to make some adjustments.

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Manage Stress Through Mindfulness.

Mindfulness is not a woo-woo concept: research shows that it improves resilience and mental health.

In this 90-minute experiential program, you’ll enjoy:

8 Video Tutorials

Mindfulness is explained using an easy-to-follow, common sense approach.

The Experiment

Apply mindfulness to gain perspective on one big thing that's causing you stress.

13 Journal Pages

Imagine your life with more mindfulness, and create a plan to get there!

Bonus Section

Six audio recordings designed to help you pause, relax, and reflect.

What's Inside the Course?

In four brief modules, you’ll explore:

  • What is mindfulness?
  • A unique model of the mind-body anatomy
  • The benefits of mindfulness
  • The Mindfulness Experiment: use mindfulness to explore one big thing that's causing you stress
  • Three journal activities, including the Mindfulness Roadmap;
  • BONUS audio recordings to help you pause and reflect; -PLUS-
  • FREE phone app puts all content at your fingertips!
  • All videos are close-captioned.

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Who should take the Mindfulness Experiment?

This is an easy-to follow course for anyone who wants to experience--and understand why--mindfulness soothes the mind, calms the body, and makes you more effective in life and work.

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