Stress and Anxiety

How much is too much?

Got Stress?

It's normal to feel stress. It can even be a motivator! Too much stress (or stress for too long) can affect your physical and mental health. You might experience:

  • anxiety or depression;
  • sleep problems or poor concentration;
  • digestive issues and/or irritability;

...and this is just the beginning.

Manage Your Stress

What is ANXIETY?

Anxiety is a lot like stress, but it doesn't always have an easily identified source (like work overload, or taking a test).

Anxiety is often accompanied by extreme worry, and it can last for much longer than stress. It can be unpredictable, physically uncomfortable, frightening, and it can also feel downright weird and creepy.

Anxiety can be caused by too much stress, but it can also be a reaction to physical illness, or a side effect of certain medications.

Stress vs. Anxiety: Common Questions

How much is too much? Generally speaking, it's time to get help if you are experiencing any of the symptoms listed above, or if your stress/anxiety is affecting your ability to perform at school or work. Another good rule of thumb: if you're wondering if you need to do something about's time to do something.

Here are answers to some common questions:

Need Help Now?

In Door County, call the 24/7 Crisis Hotline (920) 746-2488 -OR- Call the National Suicide Prevention Hotline (800) 273-8255. Visit our Getting Help page HERE.

A Few Words About Coping Skills

It's all-too-easy to cope with stress and anxiety by doing things that aren't really helpful--like numbing out with food, drugs/alcohol, video games and other types of screen time. These short-term fixes tend to make the situation worse.

It's important to know that when you experience stress, your body produces hormones that are commonly associated with fight, flight, or freeze.

Healthy coping skills help you rest and digest by calming your overstimulated sympathetic nervous system.

Happily, there are plenty of ways to rest and digest, through activities that you enjoy! All you need is a brief tutorial and some structure, and a commitment to your self-care. You'll be on your way to feeling like yourself again!

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Manage Stress and Anxiety

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