What is Stress?

Is it the same as anxiety? Is there something weird or wrong if I have it?

You're not weird. You are MIGHTY.


Stress is your body's normal way of responding to challenges. It gives you a feeling of emotional or physical tension. 

As you begin to experience stress, your body produces hormones that are commonly associated with fight, flight, or freeze.

Tests at school, arguments with friends, and performing for sports/music/theater can all cause you stress. Not all stress is bad!


What is ANXIETY?

Anxiety is a lot like stress, but it doesn't always have an easily identified source (like taking a test).

Anxiety is often accompanied by extreme worry, and it can last for much longer than stress. It can be unpredictable, physically uncomfortable, frightening, and it can also feel downright weird and creepy.

Anxiety can be caused by too much stress, but it can also be a reaction to physical illness, or a side effect of certain medications.

From Jodi, a STRIDE Creative Service Provider:

"It's completely normal to feel stressed out, or anxious. It doesn't mean that there is something wrong with you. If it starts to be distracting or overwhelming, there are many resources that can help."

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