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Are you hard on yourself, shy, overwhelmed or anxious? Or, simply looking for self-care resources so that you can do your best in school and extracurriculars?

Mighty Teens shows you how to develop a growth mindset, so that you can celebrate your strengths, manage stress, and perform better in life and at school.

Adults are welcome to do this self-paced program, too.

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Explore fun ways to use creativity to manage your stress and anxiety.

Celebrating Strengths

Experience the wellness benefits of a growth mindset.


But, sometimes it's easy to forget how AMAZING you are when life, school, or work gets challenging.

Mighty Teens reminds you of your strengths, and shows you ways to be more accepting of challenges, mistakes, and change.

Are you wondering what the program looks like? Are you asking yourself if you're "good enough at art" to benefit from this program? Is the online format easy to use?

The answer is YES! We use drawing techniques as easy as the common doodle.

This video explores the inside of the program, and answers common questions!


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