Help, Hope, and Your Community Resources

In life, do you feel like you're riding out a storm? Do you feel lost, overwhelmed, or isolated? Today, Jodi takes us to a lighthouse to inspire us to think about HOPE. This video includes a simple art therapy drawing prompt, as well as questions for journaling and discussion. This video was originally produced as part of a series published during the Safer At Home government order in Spring, 2020.
************** This video offers several prompt questions to help you reflect on HOPE as demonstrated in your artwork:
-Describe the "storm" in your life. Be specific: who or what is the source of the storm?
-Describe the boat. How large or small is it? What is it doing?
-How does this storm (and boat) relate to your life?
-Describe the lighthouse. What reassurance does it provide? Is there someone there to help you, or is the lighthouse simply a source of direction and hope?
-How does the lighthouse relate to what you need in life?
-Who or what gives you hope?
-Who or what helps you feel safe?
-What are some possible positive outcomes of this storm?
-Write a letter from the lighthouse, to you.
-What word or phrase describes your experience of using the lighthouse as a metaphor?
************** This video also offers links to community resources:
United Way of Door County: Get-Help is a page on their website that can link you to crisis hotlines, community programs, and more:
Door County is home to numerous non-profit agencies that can offer assistance. This includes mental health, housing, employment, support to the elderly, and much more. For a comprehensive list of non profit organizations, visit:
Door County Health and Human Services offers various services and programs. Visit their comprehensive list of departments at: If you are seeking spiritual support and guidance, view this list of Door County worship centers: Finally, to search for a mental health provider in your area, visit Psychology Today at:

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