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Dec 08, 2020


But, sometimes it's easy to forget how AMAZING you are when life, school, or work gets challenging.

The Mighty Teens Empowerment project reminds you of your strengths, and shows you ways to be more accepting of challenges, mistakes, and change.

Are you wondering what the program looks like? Are you asking yourself if you're "good enough at art" to benefit from this program? Is the online format easy to use? This video will answer your questions!

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Help, Hope, and Your Community Resources

Nov 16, 2020
In life, do you feel like you're riding out a storm? Do you feel lost, overwhelmed, or isolated? Today, Jodi takes us to a lighthouse to inspire us to think about HOPE. This video includes a simple art therapy drawing prompt, as well as questions for journaling and discussion. This video was originally produced as part of a series published during the Safer At Home government order in Spring, 2020.
************** This video offers several prompt questions to help you reflect on HOPE as demonstrated in your artwork:
-Describe the "storm" in your life. Be specific: who or what is the source of the storm?
-Describe the boat. How large or small is it? What is it doing?
-How does this storm (and boat) relate to your life?
-Describe the lighthouse. What reassurance does it provide? Is there someone there to help you, or is the lighthouse simply a source of direction and hope?
-How does the lighthouse relate to what you need in life?
-Who or what gives you hope?
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